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NOW AVAILABLE: SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE - UNDERSTANDING, PREVENTION, RESPONSE.   Sexual harassment is an age-old problem, but it still dominates today's headlines.  Protecting your staff and their careers is an essential task; don't put it off! Prevention through understanding and communication is the key.  Please see the course description under the COMMUNICATION tab. 

In a busy, competitive work environment demanding instant answers, ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS in a HECTIC WORLD causes us to reflect on life's essential questions.  Based on Harvard professor James E. Ryan's commencement remarks and book Wait, what? this program helps participants bring clarity, curiosity, courage, compassion, and conviction to both the workplace and their personal lives through clarifying what's important. Small group activities and discussion define common challenges and help provide tools needed to apply five simple questions in seeking answers:  1. Wait, what?  2.  I wonder...?  3.  Couldn't we at least?  4.  How can I help?  and, most importantly, 5.  What really matters?  Wait, what? is particularly useful to organizations undergoing periods of change and shifts in priorities.  Presenter:  Danny Kuhn  Length:  2-3 hours, adjusted to fit your training schedule.

MANAGING YOUR STRESS I and II, (3 hours each, flexible) Did you know stress is known as the silent killer? In this program, we discuss how stress is affecting you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Each participant will prepare a personal action plan to help deal with stressors in their lives.

PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY: IT'S ALL ON ME: (3 hours, flexible) As current as today's headlines, this program identifies the differences between accountability and responsibility, and define the "shoulds" and "musts" of ethical professionalism. A plan for helping to develop an open communication organization facilitates positive change.  

We proudly announce our association with THE VARALLI GROUP, specializing in Motivational Interviewing.  David Varalli, a member of MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers), provides services to a variety of state and local agencies, primarily in the corrections, education, social work, counseling, and healthcare fields, as well as private businesses. 

FAVORITETRAINERS.COM now offers the full slate of REAL COLORS programs, taught by the most experienced and acclaimed certified facilitators! See program category tabs for details.

FAVORITETRAINERS.COM can help you PUBLISH, both in ebook and print format.  Do you have a training program, aid, or report you would like to make available to the business community?  Or, even a personal story that might be of interest?  We can edit and format your work, for publishing on multiple platforms.                                  

For government, business, and civic organizations, your favorite trainers are here!

OPEN DATES ARE NOW AVAILABLE. We can provide some of the country's most talented and experienced trainers to do presentations, programs, curriculum development and consulting for your company or agency...at the best possible price!


favoritetrainers.com is a group of training and content specialists with years of experience with the United States Government, plus gifted private sector presenters in selected fields. Our areas of expertise vary widely...but what we have in common is years of the very best preparation and training experience available.  The group is administered by Danny Kuhn, Jim Patterson, Eddie Samson, and Hilarie Gaylin former managers and trainers with the U. S. Courts. We also partner with Motivational Interviewing specialist David Varalli of The Varalli Group.  Visit him today at http://www.thevaralligroup.com/.

Our specialty areas include Writing and Communication, Performance and Workplace Environment Management, Leadership and Teambuilding, and Staff Health and Safety.

Please take a look at our offerings.  We are also available for consulting and curriculum development services. If you do not see the program you need, please contact us and we may develop your idea into a new offering at no additional cost. All programs are tailored to meet your individual needs, and we can help take your project from start to finish.  Let's talk. Contact us at administrator@favoritetrainers.com or by telephone at 843-904-1938 or 843-501-1353 and leave a detailed message.

Finally, remember this: We have many years of experience doing training for employees who have "done it all and seen it all." In today's competitive world, learning new things isn't optional, but having fun while learning is...we do both!  Don't just take our word for it, though. Let us put you in touch with our former clients. We believe our results will speak for themselves. 

VISIT US ON FACEBOOK! News, schedules, photos, and more! Become a fan at http://www.facebook.com/pages/favoritetrainerscom/241639478333?v=info

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HOME HEALTHCARE, SOCIAL WORK, AND HOSPICE CARE CLIENTS:  The safety of your staff in the office and while working in the field is becoming more of an issue every day.  If you have not done safety training for your staff, don't delay! Practical Safety has been revised specifically for your profession. Consider our customer service and teamwork programs for a complete training package. 

TO OUR FEDERAL COURT CLIENTS:  Many of our programs are just right as offerings in your annual district conference or support staff seminars.  While most are suggested as three-hour classes, they can all be adapted to a shorter time frame, and presented multiple times in one day. Court-specific versions of Survive and Thrive in the Workplace, Writing for Clarity, and other programs are available.

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