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                                       DANNY KUHN

Each trainer establishes his or her own price schedule.  Once a proposal is discussed, we can provide a detailed cost estimate and work out a plan that will meet your needs.  Keep in mind that trainers can often combine, or "bundle," programs at a special price to save travel costs, especially if we have multiple classes in a given area.  Pricing for curriculum development and consulting services is also available.  Some trainers are able to give set prices for established programs; see individual staff profiles below.

Finally, as involved community members, we may also be able to work with charitable organizations on a limited pro bono, expenses-only, or nominal fee basis in certain areas.  Contact us at administrator@favoritetrainers.com, or 843-904-1938 and leave a detailed message.

OUR TRAINERS                           

                                                 DANNY KUHN

Danny Kuhn is the former Deputy Chief United States Probation Officer for the Southern District of West Virginia.  For 20 years, he worked with the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C., to develop and deliver all types of training programs for the Federal Court, traveling the country to work with various units of the Court in the areas of writing, communication, leadership, team building, safety, and performance management. He is known for his practical, energetic, and vividly entertaining approach to content. He helped found favoritetrainers.com to bring that same approach to a broader audience.  A former social worker and high school teacher, he holds a BA from Marshall University, a MA in Communication from West Virginia University, and is the author of several books.

Danny uses a set pricing schedule based on travel, per diem, and expenses at standard prevailing rates plus a set fee per day of actual training.  There is no training fee for travel days.  Danny can be reached directly at 843-904-1938, or administrator@favoritetrainers.com.

                                             JIM PATTERSON

After completing his BA in Criminal Justice at East Tennessee State University, Jim Patterson (pictured below) began his career as a police officer for the City of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Later, he became a state probation officer working with North Carolina parole cases.  He was appointed as a United States Probation Officer for the Western District of North Carolina in April 1990.  After being promoted to Training Coordinator in 2000, Jim was responsible for managing all staff training for the Western District of North Carolina Probation Office.  In 2004, he was promoted to supervisor over a post-conviction supervision unit and continued to perform the District's training coordinator responsibilities.  Jim was promoted to Deputy Chief in 2006 and developed policy and procedures for his district.

For 15 years, Jim worked with the Federal Judicial Center in Washington DC to develop and deliver a variety of training programs for the Federal Court.  He served on the national board of the Federal Probation & Pretrial Officers Association from 1993 to 2000.  He held positions of regional president, national secretary, and national president.  He continues to be a trainer and coach for management training developed by The Paul Hertz Group and is also a certified REAL COLORS trainer.  Jim can be reached directly at 828-712-5460, or jmpat6491@gmail.com.

                                           EDDIE SAMSON

Eddie Samson is the former Chief United States Probation Officer for the Middle District of Louisiana.  He graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Business and Personnel Management, and also played baseball for LSU.  He served in the U. S. Air Force, separating as a Captain, and was a co-founder and administrator of the Joint Louisiana Officer Safety Academy.    He served the United States Court from 1979 through his retirement in 2006, but has continued to be one of the most popular trainers for the federal judiciary.  He serves on the faculty of the National Training Academy, where his Ethics and Professionalism class is mandatory.  He serves as a faculty member for the Federal Judicial Center's prestigious Leadership Development Program.  In addition to traveling the country as a trainer in the areas of ethics, professionalism, REAL COLORS programs, and retirement, Eddie also administers a volunteer program he established, called Joshua's Ministry of Mowing and Minor Home Repair, based in Baton Rouge.  Eddie can be reached directly at 225-571-6898, or Eddiebr48@cox.net.

                                             HILARIE GAYLIN

Hilarie Gaylin (M.Ed., The George Washington University, B.A., Bryn Mawr College) is a former senior instructional designer/trainer for the United States Senate Office of Education and Training in Washington, D.C., Training Specialist for the United States Capitol Visitor Center, and Director of Education and Training for the United States District Court, Eastern District of Virginia. She designs and delivers customized workshops as well as consulting and coaching services, as described on her website www.hilariegaylin.com.

                                             DAVID VARALLI

David Varalli has 30 years of community corrections experience.  He is a recently retired Senior United States Probation Officer and has experience working in the pretrial, pre-sentence, and post-sentence units.  David has worked in virtually all specialty areas contained in community corrections, and he brings this practical knowledge to his presentations.

David led the training in Motivational Interviewing for his district's staff for six years.  He is trained in MI Treatment Integrity (MITI) Coding/Coaching and is a member of MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.)  He traveled the USA as he served on the National Implementation Team for MI in the U. S. Probation System.  In 2009, he launched The Varalli Group/TVG.  As owner and lead trainer of TVG, he has conducted training at: the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services; Rutgers, The State University of Jersey; the New York City Probation Department; numerous reentry and community agencies; The Delaware Department of Corrections, and several divisions of New Jersey State Probation.  New agencies are added each year, including college faculty and student instruction.  SAMSHA-funded SBIRT training has also been conducted.  He specializes in Motivational Interviewing and is also a certified facilitator of NCTI Real Colors, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Communication, Team building, and a variety of additional Real Colors programs for your agency or business.  He can be reached at thevaralligroup@gmail.com or 585-748-6099.  TVG is located near Rochester, NY.